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When it comes to logistics and production processes, the ECONFENCE BASIC LINE Zone Protection range offers an ideal selection of products at exceptional value for money. Launch of ECONFENCE BASIC LINE Zone protectin starts May 2018.

Pendulum impact test according to ISO 14120

0 Joule
Tested impact energy

The ECONFENCE BASIC LINE Zone Protection protective fencing system incorporates galvanised flat-rod mesh elements. The intersections of the frameless mesh construction are spot-welded and incorporate a 15/6 mm flat rod and a vertical wire on one side measuring 3.5 mm. It also makes use of an essential post profile with a permanently welded base plate to achieve its load capacity, and is mounted in conjunction with a cross-beam. What’s more, the mesh fixing is secured using a high-strength plastic clamping element.

Frameless modular design

0% flexible
Extremely cost-effective

The frameless mesh construction is precisely what makes our protective fencing system so cost effective. This is what gives the product its crucial competitive edge, setting it apart from other mesh products with a frame-based design. Flexible mesh customisations and releases can be incorporated on site in no time. Extensive planning effort is a thing of the past. All in all, the company’s own ECONFENCE® brand is the ideal starting point for technologically advanced solutions that are extremely cost effective.

ECONFENCE BASIC LINE Zone Protection Frameless modular design

ECONFENCE BASIC LINE Zone Protection Product features

ECONFENCE BASIC LINE Absturzsicherung Unverlierbare Befestigungsmittel

Undetachable fastening elements

ECONFENCE BASIC LINE Zone Protection High-strength cross-beam

High-strength cross-beam

ECONFENCE BASIC LINE Zone Protection Robust skirting board

Robust skirting board

Guaranteed security as standard

Enjoy the benefits of our certified protective fencing systems.

Exceeding conventional standards, all of our products are subject to internal testing, including a pendulum impact test according to ISO 14120. At TIEMANN, our aim is to go beyond normative requirements in terms of load capacity and raise the bar for safety standards.

Our facility supplies type-tested and certified modular systems. You can expect to receive all necessary documentation for our standard products from the modular system range (for use in line with ISO 14120):

  • EC Declaration of Conformity
  • CE marking with type plate
  • Operating instructions
Guaranteed security as standard

Product and user benefits

  • High load capacity guaranteed – tested impact energy of 950 joules (demonstrated in a pendulum impact test according to ISO 14120)
  • DGUV type-tested – Compliant with Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC

  • On-site element customisation available thanks to frameless mesh design

  • Quick and easy installation of the guard thanks to pre-assembled components

  • Supplied with EC Declaration of Conformity and CE mark as standard

ECONFENCE BASIC LINE Zone Protection Modular design

ECONFENCE BASIC LINE Zone Protection Posts and mesh
0 sytem height
2000 mm
0 sytem width
2000 mm
0 post variants
Row and universal corner posts


Title File size Version File type
Certificate DGUV-Test BASIC LINE Zone Protection TS 461 KB 10.2014 pdf

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