HIGH LINE PLUS product innovation tested to 2500 JOULES

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The new protective fencing class for robotics and automation

The development of the new HIGH LINE PLUS protective fencing system has set a new standard in workplace safety for the robotics and automation sectors. As a market-leading solution for maximum load capacity, this frameless, modular guard with protective mesh elements is designed to establish a fixed, safe distance to ensure people stay protected. It also features high-strength mesh elements and posts to ensure reliable protection of production staff. The new system from TIEMANN is certified to an impact load of 2500 joules.

According to our managing directors Frank and Axel W. Tiemann, our many years of experience are what underpin the development of one of the most robust protective fencing systems for use in the robotics sector. The new development of the ECONFENCE HIGH LINE PLUS protective fencing system could therefore only come as the result of the ongoing further development of the existing, tried-and-tested ECONFENCE HIGH LINE protective fencing system

Enjoy the benefits of the new HIGH LINE PLUS:

  • High mechanical load capacity – tested to 2500 joules
  • DGUV type-tested. Protective fencing compliant with Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
  • Frameless modular design. On-site mesh customisation available
  • Quick and easy installation.All components supplied pre-assembled
  • Supplied with EC Declaration of Conformity and CE mark
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