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Our ideas for your success

For over 40 years, our customers have been trusting in TIEMANN as a reliable industry partner and supplier when it comes to establishing safe distances to protect people from coming into contact with potential hazards.

TIEMANN has the leading reputation, highest levels of expertise and a real wealth of experience within the automotive and robotics industries, not to mention in automation, production and warehouse logistics. This applies across all aspects of safety and security.

Our comprehensive industry solutions are available as flexible, modular systems. Their unique selling point comes in the form of their frameless mesh construction, which is the cutting-edge feature of our own ECONFENCE and HYGIENEFENCE brands.

You, too, can benefit from our experience.

We make sure working with machinery is as safe as can be!

TIEMANN Schutz-Systeme

We are committed to our guiding principle of protecting people with our products and making life as safe as possible when it comes to working with machinery. But most importantly of all, we want to help everyone who can benefit from our systems and services, and ensure maximum satisfaction not only for our customers, but also for theirs. We see each of our customers as individuals, Which is why we strive to meet the needs of our partners and take a collaborative approach in our work.

We have a responsibility towards our customers and commit ourselves to providing first-rate services; after all, at TIEMANN Schutz-Systeme we only use premium-quality raw materials and tried-and-tested components. This has always proven to be the most cost-effective solution in the long run.

We know that this ability to meet the needs of our customers in the best possible way all comes down to the creativity, capabilities, diversity and teamwork of our employees. This is why we support and encourage a friendly, collaborative working atmosphere within our family company.

Cooperative partnerships with our customers and suppliers are a crucial element of our system of values, as it is only by establishing a strong sense of community that we can secure a successful future together.


Going forward, we anticipate that the market is set to benefit from our innovative products further still, both in Europe and beyond. We work close to the market on providing optimum protection for people. Our corporate objective is to establish our ECONFENCE® and HYGIENEFENCE® protection systems in global markets based on the principle that our customers are always at the heart of everything we do. After all, a down-to-earth attitude is what creates a sense of reality.