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Setting the bar for maximum hygiene requirements

When it comes to production processes in the food industry, we offer a market-leading solution for added hygiene and security in the form of our HYGIENEFENCE® protective fencing system.

Our comprehensive modular system is ready and waiting for you to give it a try. Our product is designed to live up to the requirements for guards used in the food industry. Their outstanding flexibility is enhanced further still through the use of frameless protective mesh elements. Flexible mesh customisations and releases can even be incorporated on site.


Requirements profile the food industry

When it comes to food processing machines, legal requirements are in place for establishing a fixed, safe distance (in line with ISO 14120) to protect people from coming into contact with hazardous machinery and facilities whilst also living up to the highest hygienic requirements.

Our industry solution

HYGIENEFENCE in the food industry

The innovative, future-oriented HYGIENEFENCE® protective fencing system complies with the stringent legal requirements surrounding hygiene and safety at all levels of the food processing industry.

It can be used wherever flexible and hygienic protection is paramount.

Intended use

The HYGIENEFENCE protective fencing system is designed to establish a fixed, safe distance to protect people from coming into contact with hazardous machinery and facilities, including in the vicinity of food processing machinery.

Product and user benefits

  • Hygiene certified for food processing machinery in accordance with EN 1672-2:2009-07 + (EC) No. 1935/2004

  • DGUV type-tested – Compliant with Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC

  • High flexibility – mesh elements can be customised on site

  • Short lead times – modular system available ex works

  • All components made of 100% stainless steel

  • Supplied with EC Declaration of Conformity and CE mark as standard

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